High Days and Deadlines

Apparently, we’ve just had the hottest Easter since 1940…

Usually, on a deadline weekend, Mary and I are to be found with noses to computer screens and ears to phones, chasing adverts and features; frantically fending off the looming stress of getting the mag off to our faithful graphic designer Ali on time, so as not to miss our print deadline and thus avoid the catastrophe that would surely ensue if we did. But this time, for the first time since we started the magazine seven years ago, our deadline weekend fell on a bank holiday.

So, on Good Friday, with the sun blazing down, we escaped and went on what we call “The Seagrave Walk”. We were looking after Max for the week (my son’s Cockapoo) so we had a good excuse. “The Seagrave Walk” starts at the north west corner of Sileby Memorial Park and follows the footpath along through the village; the path used to finish after crossing Heathcote Drive, and the last time we did the walk (shame on us—it must have been before we started Soar Valley Life) it was all countryside from there to Seagrave, about two miles further on. As we left ‘old’ Sileby, it came as a bit of a surprise to see how much Sileby has grown since 2012. Jenham Drive, the new Belway Homes estate at the top of Seagrave Road and running down to Ladkin Close, is the latest project. As a business we know first hand how much our area is growing; in Sileby alone we now deliver more than 3,900 magazines, it was a mere 3,488 when we started, and this is mirrored throughout the Soar Valley with an additional 20,000 homes to be built by 2030!

Anyway, when we got to Seagrave and the lovely White Horse Inn, we treated ourselves to a pint of Cumberland Real Ale and the best cheese and salad baguette this side of the river Soar! See photo above…

And, if you’re reading this, you’ll know we didn’t miss our deadline—VIVA BANK HOLIDAYS!

Steve and Mary Johns

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